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Talent is an inborn quality of a student.

Talent must recognize and awarded in every subject.

Awards and Rewards will give lot of encouragements to the students.

Knowledge Olympiad 2018-19 is an opportunity for students to show-case their talents in subjects like;

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
  3. Social Studies
  4. English

Awards to the students

State topper awards will be provided to Final level winners.

Each winner will be entitled to one award for an exam. The winners will be entitled to the higher level award only. For e.g., the state top 3 rank holders will be entitled to awards based on their state ranks. Awards accruing to them for school level will be given to the next rank holder.

Final Level (State-wise)

The students whose scored marks are above cut-off mark and who stood top three positions in the Final level will be deemed as winners of Eduranet Knowledge Olympiad.

The following are the class-wise prizes available for the winners of Knowledge Olympiad 2016.

Place Award No. in each state
1st Place Rs. 5000 + Gold Medal + Merit Certificate 9
2nd Place Rs. 3000 + Silver Medal + Merit Certificate 9
3rd Place Rs. 1500 + Bronze Medal + Merit Certificate 9
4th Place Rs. 750 + Appreciation Medal + Certificate of Appreciation 9
5th -10 Places Rs. 500 + Consolation Medal + Certificate of Appreciation 9

In case two or more students achieve the same rank, award in the applicable category will be distributed as under:

  • For up to 4 students getting same rank, award amount will be distributed equally. In addition, each winner will be awarded a medal (in the applicable category) and a Merit Certificate or certificate of Appreciation.
  • In case 5 & more students get same rank, in lieu of cash award, each winner will be awarded a medal (in the applicable category) and Merit Certificate or Certificate of Appreciation.

The winners of the Final level will be invited to the Academic Proficiency Awards event organized by Eduranet Intellectual Olympiad Foundation at Hyderabad, India in the Month of April and felicitate the Winner medals by placing them on the victory stands by the founder of Eduranet along with other team members. This will be a proud moment for every winner who performed their best to reach to this level.

Note: Medals are Gold / Silver / Bronze color plated as applicable.

Prelims Level (School-wise)

The students who scored above cut-off mark in the Prelims Level will be awarded different appreciation medals.

The details as mentioned below:

S. No. No. of Student to be enrolled Medals
1 Where 10 or more students from one class write an exam Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to top 3 rank holders and they will be promoted to the Finals.
2 Where between 5 to 9 students from a class write an exam Gold Medal to the top rank holder and they will be promoted to the Finals.
3 Where less than 5 students from a class write an exam There will no medal presented but the top rank holder will be promoted to the finals.

The medals will be sent to the respective schools.

Note: Medals are Gold / Silver / Bronze color plated as applicable.

Awards to the Schools

All participant schools will be awarded fabulous prizes, trophy with citation and Certificate of Appreciation or Honor.

A special dairy will be printed every year and distributed to all the participant school which covers all the past performances of the schools along with their photographs.

All the other participation school will be awarded Certificate of Appreciation.

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